The Debating Club

Why debate?

Rhetorical skills and a self-assured demeanour are important in many areas of life, but they play an especially crucial role in your professional life. Even the most relevant arguments can remain unheard when they are not presented in a convincing way.

Luckily, public speaking isn’t rocket science and improving your speaking skills is a matter of practice more than talent.

The Debating Club at the University of St.Gallen in an ideal forum to practice your debating skills, learn more about the subtleties of body language, facial expressions and tone, and to lose some of the nervousness most people feel about public speaking.

Twice Weekly Debates

During the semester we offer weekly debating sessions in English and/or German. These debates are open to the public.

Students don’t have to be members of the club to participate – everyone is welcome! If you would like to have a look without participating in the deabte straight away, that is also fine!

These weekly sessions usually include a short input tutorial on one aspect of debating, as well as feedback for those who have participated in the debate. Past tutorials have been onsubjects such as how to build an argument, how to structure a speech, how to use volume and body language to your advantage and other fundamentals of giving a great speech.


Our members regularly attend debating tournaments throughout Europe to compete with other debating clubs, meet different people and visit new cities.

In case you are interested in joining our tournament teams, feel free to ask about it at the next weekly debate – there are tournaments for beginners as well as for advanced debaters.


Founded in 2003, the Debating Club is the platform for rhetorical education at the University of St. Gallen.

After initially concentrating on weekly German debates and events, we now also offer weekly English debates as well as regular participation in tournaments.